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Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Adobe Edge Web FontsI’m sure most of us have come to know and love Google Fonts very much by now. It has tons of web fonts available to use for websites. It’s ease of use and implementation goes far beyond such predecessors such as Squirrel and Cufon fonts. If you really like a font for a print project, you can print it and add it to your system font library too. It’s certainly been a ‘godsend’ for web designers around the world in sourcing cool, funky and creative fonts for their creative projects.

Adobe has released Adobe Edge Web Fonts to compliment its new set of “Edge” tools that provide an IDE for creating interactive HTML5 based projects. You could almost say this is Adobe’s response to the setbacks that Flash has experienced, mainly due to it being almost completely unsupported in the mobile device environment. Adobe Edge Web Fonts provides a streamlined workflow to incorporate cool webfonts into your creative Adobe Edge based projects. It is based on the popular Adobe TypeKit which is used by graphic designers around the world. You can bet that they will be integrating Adobe Edge Web Fonts into other Adobe Creative Suite products very soon.

There is one obvious downside to using Adobe Edge Web Fonts – and that is that you can only use them in web based projects. It is not obvious within the website that people can download these fonts for use in print based media projects. Google Fonts definitely has the upper hand in this department!

Apparently Adobe Edge Fonts offers many of the fonts in the Google Fonts library plus many more that are exclusive to Adobe. The benefit is more options and more tools for digital designers, only time will tell on who will become the adopted norm. Meanwhile we get to reap the rewards. For more information, please visit

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