Standard Terms & Conditions

Coolwebs’ standard terms and conditions of project payments/invoices are:

  • Initial Project Payment must be made through Paypal or bank transfer within seven (7 days) of order request. Please go to the relevant package order form to purchase a web package. Please contact us if you have any further inquiries about payment processing.
  • Final Project Payment must be made within seven (7 days) of date on invoice. Failure to do so will result in your website and associated services to be suspended indefinitely.
  • The hosting fee will be charged annually on the same date that the initial payment for website development was made – not on the date of 2nd and final payment. (The service commenced on the initial payment but it was finalised on the 2nd and final payment)

Late payment of initial invoices

Coolwebs reserves the right to stop or halt work on a project where payment has not been made within the requested time-frame.

Late payment of final invoices

Final project payments must be received in full within 7 days, or Coolwebs reserves the right to:

  • Remove all content, code, other intellectual property and any work undertaken by Coolwebs from the client’s website.
  • Recover unpaid monies using the Paypal dispute and resolution centre.

If the scope of the project is increased, additional payments by the client will be negotiated. These additional payments may include the cost of upgrading the web package. For more information about payment options, please see the Online Payment Options section.

Once you have chosen and paid for a particular web package, you are not able to retrograde to the smaller level packages that we offer – You will be separately charged for a new package and your current package will be discontinued. You may, however, upgrade your package should your business needs require it.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

The intellectual property and copyright of the following deliverables:

  • Templates, graphics, design and professional advice

will be given to the client on final project payment and completion. The methodologies used in the project remain the intellectual property and copyright of Coolwebs and may not be disclosed or provided to any third party without the approval of Coolwebs.

Software licensing including code developed by Coolwebs for clients is fully owned by Coolwebs.


Coolwebs provides limited technical support for customers who purchase any of our packages.  Support jobs are logged from your personalized ticket system within your website. Support job tickets are then generated to us via email. Both the ‘Starter’ and ‘Standard’ package include 1 month support; the ‘Business’ and ‘E-commerce’ packages include 3 months support.

Once a support job has been logged, we will reply within 24 hours. We charge an additional hourly rate of $40 per hour if any support requests are received outside the included support that comes with our packages.

Whilst Coolwebs strives to ensure that your website and software is free from bugs we do not warrant that under all circumstances the software/program will work.  By payment of your final invoice you are warranting that you accept the software / website as working correctly from that date.

Coolwebs only warrants that your website and software will work with common current web browser versions and operating systems at the time of design.