Social media marketing services

3D graphBy now everyone has heard of social media and inbound marketing on the world wide web – but how does all these new technologies relate to you and your business? Sure Facebook is a nice way to keep tabs on what your family and friends are doing, but what is it’s relevance to marketing your business online? A lot apparently: Currently Facebook has more than 800 million active users which is potentially the biggest marketplace in the entire world. Let’s just put it this way – if Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd most populated in the world! Only rivaled by China and India (respectively).

It is the 3rd most trafficked site in the world! This translates to an abundance of real world opportunities to market your business, products and services to your state, your country and the entire world. Nowadays people aren’t just using search engines like Google to look for answers to their questions, products and services – they are heavily reliant upon Social Media to find what they are looking for and a reliable reference-based system to trust.

Facebook and other popular social media networks are rapidly rolling out new services and tools relevant to conducting business online. Within Facebook you now have opportunities to set up business “page” which contains many tools and services to help you develop and actively promote your brand within the Facebook domain such as advertising, robust analytics, tabs, fan base, etc. Using your existing social network through your Facebook profile, you can leverage your business page and extend it further to obtain business leads which turn into a reliable customer base. By having Facebook users become a “fan” of your business page, they are actively promoting your business for you and giving your business real online credentials and testimonials.

Let us at Coolwebs assist you in your social media marketing strategy. We have all our fingers on the pulse of the rapidly evolving industry and can assure you with a social media marketing strategy that will be suitable for your business and build your customer base and strengthen your business reputation.